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Much press has recently been generated by the new international standards which are being set for light lamps – which is requiring consumers in many countries to stop using traditional incandescent light lamps in favour of energy saving lights.

Normal “energy saving” lights do indeed save 30% of the energy used by traditional incandescent lamps, but unfortunately they still contain poisonous elements such as mercury and are therefore far from risk free and carbon neutral.

warehouse The technology of LED lamps has been developing sharply over the last couple of years to the extent that, in the case of AEDL’s LED lamps, light lamps can now have the same or better quality of light emission (lumen) as conventional lamps but using only 10% of the energy of traditional incandescent lamps – a saving of up to 90%.

An LED lamp is a solid state light (SSL) that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. eLumen lamps incorporate clusters of LEDs in a suitable housing. AEDL is able to supply these in a number of shapes and sizes, including sizes which can be used as a direct replacement of traditional lamps without the need for any change of light fittings or equipment.

Some of the specific advantages of LED lamps include:
  • High efficiency - LEDs are now available that reliably offer over 100 lumens from a one-watt device, or much higher outputs at higher drive currents at up to 90% saving in energy consumption.
  • Small size - provides design flexibility, arranged in rows, rings, clusters, or individual points.
  • High durability - no filament or tube to break.
  • Life span - in properly engineered lamps, such as AEDL’s eLumen lamps LEDs can last 50,000 hours.
  • Full dimmability – unlike fluorescent lamps, LEDs can be dimmed. This allows full color mixing in lamps with LEDs of different colours.
  • Mercury-free - unlike fluorescent and most HID technologies, LEDs contain no hazardous mercury or halogen gases and therefore offer many more opportunities for recycling than incandescent or fluorescent lights.
  • Less wearable parts – No choke or starter, compare to fluorescence lamps.
Due to current legislation it is only a matter of time before the world changes its light lamps – AEDL believes it offers the most practical, most efficient and most cost effective lamps on the market.

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