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Alternative Energy’s eRoof (“e” for energy, environment and electricity) is to energy what the PC (personal computer) is to computing – a way for everyone to generate their own clean and free energy and change the way the world generates its energy from the current “mainframe” system of big fossil fuel power stations.

Every building has a roof – and when building a new house, roof slates or tiles have to be purchased - so why not have a roof which look normal, keeps out the weather and does all the things a normal roof does – but also insulates the building and generates the power it needs?

The eRoof is efficient, practical and cost-effective. It is easy to install (no need for specialist systems integrators), wire-free and will last.

The eRoof consists of separate systems, eSolar (for its Solar roof system), eWind (for the wind system), eControl (the “brain” of the system) and eStorage (where you need special storage). What each of these systems do is summarised below or click on the picture relating to the relevant system above to find out more.

In addition to the eRoof, Alternative energy is developing complete eco-friendly buildings with an eRoof and low energy devices which can form a complete lifestyle solution through its “eLive” building (click here for more information on eLive).

Alternative Energy’s roof system has been designed with the following parameters in mind.
  • it will look similar to the conventional roof it replaces and be aesthetically pleasing
  • it will provide enhanced weather protection
  • it will provide insulation to international standards to prevent energy loss from the building it covers
  • it will comply with international standards for construction materials
  • it will be easy to install and operate
  • it will provide adequate or excess supply of energy for the use of the building it covers, and
  • it will be cost effective
The e-roof subsystems can be summarised as follows (click on the relevant picture below for more information):
  • e-solar. This is the core of the roof system which combines an insulated and waterproof inner skin made of interlocking panels (“e-slabs”) with efficient photovoltaic slates (“e-slates”) to provide a roof covering which generates significant electrical energy from solar power.
  • e-wind. This is a system which can supplement or replace the e-solar system in high-wind areas and is positioned on the crown of the roof. It is a system of wind tunnels and turbines which focuses the wind striking the roof and uses the resulting wind pressure to generate electrical energy.
  • e-hydro. This subsystem is under development and will use the rainwater falling on the roof to provide energy through water based fuel cells and to supplement and augment the water supply of the building covered by the e-roof with clean filtered rainwater.
  • e-control. This is the brain of the e-roof system. This system collects and manages the energy generated by the e-roof systems and cleans and regulates it for use by the building or for return to the grid. The e-control system also monitors energy generated and sold or bought from the grid. The remote maintenance feature of the e-control system will allow the system to be remotely monitored and maintained.
  • e-storage. The e-storage subsystem can be used either on or off grid and enables a building to store energy generated by the e-roof using AEDL’s own storage technology. This system offers several advantages over conventional battery storage systems including a much longer unit life, instantaneous charging and higher efficiency.
  • e-cladding and e-panels. These systems derive from the e-roof and are designed to clad high rise buildings or other structures for which the e-roof is not suitable.
With a combination of these systems, Alternative Energy will be offering what it believes will be the first combined Building Integrated Energy System. With this system AEDL believes that its objectives and energy policy can become a reality.
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