01 The eControl system is the “brains” of the eRoof and does many jobs. eControl is designed to be easily plugged into the eSolar or eWind generating system through a simple socket, which feeds the energy harvested on the roof directly into the eControl main unit which will sit in the attic of the building.

The eControl unit harvests the energy it receives as efficiently as possible and then decides what to do with it. In some cases it may store the dc energy it receives directly (where there is no grid for instance), in most other cases it will smooth the erratic dc energy and convert it into a consistent ac current. eControl will then decide whether the energy should be used in the building or channelled into the grid.

02 In some countries energy generated has to pass through the building before it can be sold to the grid (which means you have to use your own energy before you can sell it to the grid), in other cases the available feed in tariffs for the purchase of home generated energy may make it worth selling the energy directly to the grid and then buying it back at a cheaper rate for home consumption (see Feed in tariffs). In either case the eControl unit will phase the energy so it matches the grid and has its own two way meter to measure energy bought and energy sold.

eControl has many other functions – it measures energy generated, where installed it can diagnose malfunctioning units in the eRoof – all of this in an unobtrusive way.

The only visible element of eControl will be the stylish screen monitor which is remote and can be installed in any of the living areas of the house and from which the owner can monitor his eRoof through an intelligent and ergonomic display. AEDL has also developed a remote monitoring system which will enable the owner of an eRoof to monitor his roof’s performance through his computer or mobile phone using the internet or GPRS.
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