eLive represents the logical combination of AEDL’s eRoof energy generating system with AEDL’s energy saving products such as eLumen lighting to create an entire prefabricated building which is self powered and carbon free.

Alternative Energy has designed eLive housing using strong and carbon neutral building materials – some of which have been specially developed using recycled or green components to create attractive comfortable homes or buildings which will fit into the environment in which they are situated, but which are revolutionary in their ability to balance power generation with power consumption. Materials used have also been chosen for their thermal insulation properties, ensuring that thermal insulation reduces energy spent in climate control on the interior of the building.

eLive buildings are designed on a modular basis, enabling customers to adapt their requirements as to size and function around a basic pattern. eLive modules include all of the building components including the power system and principal appliances such as lighting, air conditioning/heating, refrigeration and entertainment – all incorporating AEDL’s energy saving modifications. Alternative Energy is currently developing a number of different design options for its eLive buildings – for basic plans and information click the eLive Perspectives graphic above.

eLive buildings can be erected on any site subject to relevant planning approvals and to the provision of non-energy based utilities such as water and drainage. AEDL recommends that, where possible, eLive buildings are grid connected for storage, but stand alone eLive buildings which also include AEDL’s eStorage storage solution are also available.

Fuelled by eSolar or eWind powered eRoofs, eLive buildings have wide applications – from the provision of emergency housing in a disaster area to the development of new powered structures to remote communities or the speedy development of energy efficient and green new housing development. eLive buildings will be particularly useful in developing countries.
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