AEDL’s eSolar subsystem is designed to be practical and easy to install, whilst combining optimum weatherproofing, insulation and power generation capability. It comprises two basic components, the eSlab (base tile) and the eSlate (top tile).

The standard eSolar eRoof is designed for conventional low rise buildings with a pitched roof or low pitch flat roof. It looks like a normal roof made of conventional dark rock slates (Alternative Energy is currently working on different colours) and it has the same weather protection properties as a normal roof – but it also insulates and provide power to the building.

Whilst the primary eSolar system has been designed for traditional circumflex roofs, which still make up the majority of roofs on the planet, AEDL has developed other systems such as eCladding to cater for high rise and flat roofed buildings, and eCapping to provide a system for energy generation from lineal surfaces such as perimeter walls.

The eSolar system works as follows. Interlocking panels (eSlabs) are secured to the roof structure using nails or screws. The interlocking ‘tongue-and-groove’ joints between adjacent e-slabs enable them to function as a waterproof layer, while the trapping of a layer of still air within the moulded casing provides basic thermal insulation for the roof. Electrical conduits within the e-slab conduct electricity generated by the e-slates, and interlocking connectors between e-slabs carry the power across the span of the roof to be processed by e-control.

eSlates are photovoltaic tiles that are mounted on eSlabs using standard fasteners. eSlates are made of a specially developed highly insulated hard material which incorporates a high efficiency solar cell which generates significant electrical energy from solar power. Each e-slate looks aesthetically similar to the conventional slate that it replaces, using matching coloured solar cells. There are effectively [18] e-slates for each e-slab with dimensions of 600mm X 600mm X 30mm, and the e-slates have a frontal overlap to achieve the aesthetics effect of a tiled roof.

Click eSolar eRoof for more detailed information about how AEDL’s eSolar system works.

eCladding is designed for high rise buildings to replace the cladding at the top of the building. Cladding is normally of stone or concrete between windows and provide an outer layer. eCladding provides insulation and power on a horizontal basis for floors of a high rise building. Click on the relevant graphic above for more information on eCladding.

eCapping is a linear system of solar energy production which can run along walls or perimeter structures to provide or enhance energy supply to buildings, gardens or complexes and carparks. Click on the relevant graphic above for more information on eCapping.
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