01 eCapping is a revolutionary linear system of generating solar energy which has been designed to enable linear structures, such as garden or perimeter walls, to generate solar energy.

Alternative Energy’s eCapping system utilises enhanced eSlates which are fixed to a central unit along the top of the wall or structure to form a continuous line of solar photovoltaic tiles. These tiles both protect the top of the wall from erosion and generate electrical energy which can then be fed either into an eControl system or directly into an eStorage system. The pitch of the tiles is variable to take account of the different widths of wall which can be encountered, and AEDL is developing different sizes of eCapping eSlate.

02 The area of potential solar power captured in this way can be surprising, and the eCapping system can be used not only to provide energy needs within the perimeters of the wall or linear structure to which it is affixed, such as lighting and remote power sockets, but can also be used to augment the energy generation of a principal building within the wall or linear structure.

As with all other AEDL products eCapping is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to simulate normal slates – different colour options are currently under development.

eCapping greatly expands the possibilities for unobtrusive solar power development in many different locations.
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