01 eCladding is a revolutionary “Exterior Insulation and Finishing System” which is designed to replace traditional concrete of stone cladding in order to provide insulation and solar energy generation on a horizontal (floor by floor) basis for high rise buildings.

eCladding is an extension of AEDL’s eSlab system formed by incorporating the photovoltaic generating material directly into AEDL’s interlocking eSlabs, thereby providing a weatherproof, insulated generating surface which can revolutionise the way in which power is generated for high rise buildings.

eCladding is designed to be utilised with the standard fixings used in conventional cladding so as to be easy to install by conventional cladding companies.

Like a conventional eSolar eRoof, eCladding will be plugged into an eControl unit which will harvest its energy and ensure that it is appropriately distributed or stored. An eStorage option will also be available but the majority of high rise buildings will be in areas where grid connection will make more sense as a storage option (unless for back up).

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