01 eStorage is the system designed by Alternative Energy to provide energy storage in areas where grid storage (normally the preferred and most efficient system) is not available or where there is a deficient or “brown” grid.

Energy systems with batteries for storage are particularly suitable in areas in which a utility power supply is unavailable or in which utility line extensions would be prohibitively expensive. This is the case in many developing countries. The ability to store generated electrical energy makes AEDL’s eRoof system a reliable source of electric power both day and night, rain or shine.

Systems with batteries can be designed to power equipment that requires DC or AC electricity. People who run conventional AC equipment will add an eControl unit between the batteries and the load. Solar generating systems with battery storage are used all around the world to provide electricity for lights, sensors, recording equipment, switches, appliances, telephones and televisions.

What makes AEDL’s eStorage system different is the the adoption of Electrochemical Capacitors as power density buffer. Electrochemical Capacitors (ECs) offer high power density, high life cycle, and quick recharge. They serves as a power density buffer when there is a sudden surge in load that can damage batteries. These capacitors address many of the shortcomings of conventional chemical batteries and Alternative Energy will be closely monitoring the development of capacitor technology and pricing in order to improve and develop conventional storage systems used in connection with its eRoof.

In addition to its single roof systems, AEDL is developing cluster based storage systems for use in housing developments. These form “mini grids” which ensure that all buildings within a given area contribute to energy storage even if there is an uneven energy load or requirement from each building.

AEDL is currently working with several major developers around the world to improve and develop large scale storage capacity based upon its patented hybrid eStorage system.
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