01 eWind is an energy generating system designed for high wind areas, consisting of rows of small and concealed wind turbines situated on either side of the ridge of the roof of a building - a system designed to enable efficient wind energy generation without resorting to convential, ugly and noisy “windmills on a stick”, and a system designed to overcome the recognised problems of generating wind energy on a small scale basis.

Those living in windy areas will be familiar with the sound and sensation of wind hitting the roof of the house or building . For normal ridged roofs the roof acts rather like a sail with the wind hitting it and then riding over it – rather like the air passing over an aircraft’s wing.

Alternative Energy’s patented eWind system traps the wind beneath a second roof and drives it through specially designed wind tunnels towards generating turbines. This has the effect of speeding the wind up so that the wind reaching the turbine is up to 2.2 times faster than the wind hitting the roof. The resulting power uplift provides a viable addition to energy generation for the building, which is the equivalent of having a row of much larger conventional windmills on the roof.

A further unique feature of the eWind system is the potential to combine the eWind system with AEDL’s eSolar system to provide an eRoof which is capable of generating energy from both the wind and the sun. AEDL knows of no other system which has this capacity – which will make significant energy generation in areas with lower levels of sun but higher levels of wind a reality. The combination of the two systems will also assists in providing a roof which is environmentally positive and good looking.

eWind systems will also combine with AEDL’s eControl and eStorage systems to provide modular energy production which adapts to the size of the roof being covered.

Like any wind powered system, eWind needs a steady supply of wind and therefore eWind is only recommended by AEDL for those areas affected with a general prevailing wind in excess of 6mps, and in areas which are clear of nearby obstructions which may prevent wind access.

eWind is designed to receive wind from both sides of a building and at angles of sixty degrees either side of the turbines – but clearly the optimum power harvesting will come from buildings which are built facing into the relevant prevailing wind.

eWind also contains safety features designed to handle high wind situations and to minimise the noise and vibrations occurring from the turbines whilst operating.

Whilst solar technology will continue to improve in efficiency, wind turbine efficiency has been shown to peak at 58% (the “Betz Limit”). AEDL will be continuing to seek to improve design and materials for the eWind system to provide the most practical, efficient and cost effective small scale wind generating system available.

One of the principal advantages of wind power over solar power is to generate power both day and night – a system which incorporates both is unique to Alternative Energy.

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