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Every night around the world, thousands of kilowatts of expensive, fossil fuel derived energy is spent, and in some cases wasted, on street lighting. Whilst street lighting is essential for safety and comfort in the streets of a civilised town or city, the current combination of traditional sodium lamps and energy supply places a heavy burden on municipalities – costing them as much as 30% of their annual budget.

Alternative Energy’s eLumen8 lighting systems now change that.

Alternative Energy has developed a combination LED lamp and solar power lighting system which enables not only municipalities and highway authorities to provide free lighting but also to significantly reduce the costs of maintenance by utilising lamps which will last over five times longer than the conventional incandescent lamps they replace. For many municipalities and authorities – particularly those building new towns – the installation of eLumen8 could make a significant difference.

Lower eLumen8 lighting has also been developed by Alternative Energy for use in compounds campuses and industrial premises where full sized street lighting is not necessary but night lighting is required.

All eLumen8 lights come with all components required for energy generation, storage and management together with a weatherproofed lamp post itself and the lamphead with LED lamps installed. All AEDL eLumen8 lamps are engineered for the environment in which they will be installed to ensure that energy generation and storage are suited to the location . AEDL is careful to match lights to distributors actual requirements as to light distribution and quality rather than purely output.

The installation of eLumen8 lighting is, as with all AEDL products, simple and practical, and has the great advantage over conventional lighting that no cables or external power sources are needed, saving on installation costs.

eLumen8 light casings are also tested for compatability with the environment in which they are situated, whether it is the sands of the desert or the humidity of a tropical mountain.

eLumen8 complete lighting solutions, if phased in over a period of time, will make a major contribution to reducing wasted energy whilst enhancing safety and security.
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